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TY BCA Project definition List

We are happy to bring this update for tybca students. We would be providing the list of ty-bca projects. We are looking forward to provide the list of projects for ty bca students and we would even are planning to provide tutorials for BCA Projects we would be sharing some of the codes which would be helpful to all tybca students in thier tybca projects. We have 3-4 Ty BCA Project definitions for all the TY BCA Students.

There are many companies which i visited for my TY BCA Projects who has approached me for their software requirements so would like to share those ty-bca project definitions with you.

1) Web Directory which should have following modules :: A TY BCA Project definition

  • Category managment module
  • User's website managment module
  • Paid and Free user managment module
  • Advertisement module
  • Online payment module

2) Inventory Management System :: A TY BCA Project definition

  • Purchase module
  • Sales module
  • Purchase Return module
  • Profit Loss Statement module
  • Report module

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